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Student Volunteering Week

It’s Student Volunteering Week, a whole week centred around celebrating the contribution and impact of student volunteers. We spoke to two of Xplode’s volunteers to see what they think is great about giving something back.

Abeer, 16

“Volunteering. It may just be a short, simple word but it has a significant impact on the life of the volunteer as well as the people benefiting from it. As a young person, to me, volunteering is a mean through which you can contribute to your community and also gain new skills and opportunities to enhance yourself. In my opinion, everyone should get involved in volunteering because it is a chance to give something back to the community and also make a difference to the people around them. Wouldn’t you want to be the reason for a change?”

Lydia, 19

“To me, volunteering means having the opportunity to build on a myriad of new skills, make new friends, gain valuable industry connections and above all, have fun. I have been a volunteer with Xplode for almost three years and in that time have gone from studying media in college to gaining full-time employment in the sector, and I cannot thank Xplode enough for giving me that first seed of inspiration and belief that I can achieve my dream of working in media.

Volunteering is a valuable way to gain ‘soft skills’ without realising – these skills, which include communication, teamwork and problem solving, are extremely vital for future careers and are skills all employers are looking for. My confidence has grown so much over the years which has opened so many opportunities – now in my third year, delivering training sessions to newer volunteers and becoming a Board Member for Xplode.

I think others should volunteer as we need more young people to have a voice, whether that’s through proving you’re passionate for a charitable cause or literally voicing your opinion through organisations like Xplode. So often, I feel as if young people are silenced out of fear of what their peers might think, but Xplode helps you to find that voice and gives you a platform to stand on with help along the way. Volunteering looks great on your CV and is a great way to enjoy yourself while developing yourself for the professional world, and also helping a good cause (e.g. breaking negative stigmas of young people, something I feel very passionate about!).”

So if you too want to make a difference just like our own student volunteers, then there are loads of ways you can get involved. vInspired’s website is a great starting point and lists all the projects you can get involved with, in your local community. Of course, if you’re interested in volunteering with Xplode, check out our join page for more info!

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