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Tenerife – My two-week trip – the beauty of this Canary Island:

About three days ago I came home from my yearly trip to this beautiful Canary Island and I mean it definitely lived up to my previous expectations. I took many pictures of the aesthetically pleasing surroundings so I decided to include them in here. I also decided to tell you a little more about where we stayed, where we shopped and what we got up to. Just all the fun stuff.

Where I stayed:

I stay in the same apartments every year when I go to Puerto De La Cruz, but it’s an absolute no brainer. We love everything about the place, it has everything for you… a cheap bar downstairs and a huge swimming pool shaped as a seahorse. Apartamentos Casablanca – ‘The White House’- has rooms that all have a massive balcony attached and the furniture I loveee. They literally have the friendliest staff there too to top it all off! So if you ever decide to take a trip to Tenerife this is the place to go!!

There are so many different aspects to the place too! A bowling green, children’s activities and so so many different entertainment nights that allow everyone to come together which I love…

Where to shop:

There are too many places to point out… but along the sea front each place has pretty much the same little tourist area and that’s what I love! The little Tenerife volcanic rock bracelets and the traditional woman of fertility is plastered almost everywhere across the town.

Another little place I discovered this time was a store of pretty much everything! Ale-Hop: the place for stationary, bags, phone cases and much much more little independent loves… if any of you are aware of Tiger in the UK then its pretty much the same but I think it’s a little bit better! Ha!

Lastly on the shops that takes my fancy is a lovely fashion type perfume shop called 5th Avenue – this calls to me as a few years ago they sold MAC at a really cheap price alongside Nyx and I think this is one of my faves simply for the cheap and affordable make-up!

Where to explore and what to do:

I’m as in love with this island as I am in love with Amsterdam and I truly love Amsterdam as you already know! But there are so many things to do there.

Just walking around is one of my fave things because I love exploring new things around the town such as the cannons and all the different beautiful cacti.

I love Loro Parque too! Its literally a better version of Chester Zoo – being able to watch shows (sea lions, whales, dolphins etc.) Even getting soaked and splashed – LOVE IT! I think it makes up an amazing lovely day for all.

If you’re into beautiful open beach and scenery spaces, then head to La Paz and explore the cliffs or the long rocky walk at the edge of the sea. If you’re after a water park, then head to Siam Park in the south. There are also boat rides, pirate parties and a whole load more… wow lol.

Lastly I mean the artwork is the one – on each bend and turn in the street there’s huge amounts of art on walls and omg… I love the one of the man with the origami!


But seriously I love this place and I’ll defo be back as soon as!!

Love, C x

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