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The Truth About Smoking

Whether you’re a social smoker, vaper or a regular smoker, smoking can have some damaging effects on your health. Despite these effects being well advertised, there are still a few misconceptions surrounding smoking, so here are a few myth-busting answers.

If I smoke, people will think I’m cool

A recent survey said that one of the biggest reasons behind why young people smoked was in order to look cool and was closely followed by starting smoking because your friends do! Some people might think that smoking makes you look cool, however, smoking over a prolonged period of time can often affect your physical appearance. Certain chemicals in cigarettes can cause hair cells to degenerate, which can lead to dull, lacklustre looking hair. Other research has found that smoking can also cause the hair to thin which could lead to balding. It’s not only your hair that is affected- smoking can deprive the skin of its much-needed oxygen and nutrients, which can cause pale and uneven skin colour. These issues aren’t normally common amongst young people; however, these effects can occur more quickly in young smokers compared to non-smokers.

Other toxins inhaled during smoking can damage the skin causing the early onset of wrinkles, which might make you look several years older and isn’t particularly attractive.

Smoking only affects me

Smoking can have a damaging effect not only on the smoker but on those around them. So, even if you don’t smoke, frequent exposure to second-hand smoke may also have damaging effects. Research into smoking and its consequences found that young people aged between 16-24 years old were amongst the highest group to report exposure to second-hand smoke. With 64% of secondary school pupils reporting to have been exposed to second-hand smoke. The damage caused by smoke inhalation can be the same as actually smoking yourself, which can result in cancers and other smoking-related diseases.

Smoking rollies is better than normal cigarettes

Research has shown that ‘rollies’ (hand-rolled cigarettes) have become more popular amongst smokers in recent years especially with younger generations, due to being cheaper than normal cigarettes. Their appeal has also been linked to the want of being able to roll the ‘perfect cigarette’, which might be seen as attractive to other young people. Alongside the increased popularity, is the misconception that they aren’t as bad for you as straight cigarettes. Studies have shown that people perceive rollies to be made of more natural ingredients with fewer harmful toxins than normal cigarettes. This perception has been warned to be dangerous by experts as they conclude that they are at least as damaging as normal cigarettes. It has also been claimed that rollies can contain more additives which might increase addiction.

Medical Xpress

For the three final truths about smoking, find the article in our latest magazine!

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