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Tips For Exam Success

Have you got exams or mock exams coming up and are they stressing you out? School can get pretty hectic especially when you’re involved in other activities like sports or club meetings which mean we have very little time to put our faces in front of a book. However, I do have some tips to get the best out of any time you do have to prepare for exams.

Do as many past papers as possible

Sometimes, you’re not really sure what topics you are good at until you give it a go. Doing previous exams papers or mock assessments can give you a good gauge of your standards, don’t be afraid of scoring badly! Nobody is going to judge!

Study the pattern of exam papers

Take note of those questions and topics that you weren’t able to answer. Also, write down common topics and questions that repetitively come up in multiple past papers. These topics could be your starting point if time is not on your side.

Pay attention in ALL classes

This is important especially for those who attend uni. Our lecturers are humans too, and I’m sure they want you guys to do well. They may or may not subtly hint important topics that could come up on the exam! The last class before an exam normally aims to prepare you for it, so definitely make sure you pay attention!


Exams aren’t here to destroy your self-esteem so don’t be afraid to just try! Failing is part and parcel of success! Wherever you are, just keep trying, be it exams or other areas of your life!

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