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Top 10 things about Amazon Alexa

1. Her alarms to wake you up in the morning are great (and so is the fact that you don’t even have to open your eyes to turn them off) You can get them in loads of different patterns as well.
2. Her reminders when you need something, it even pops up on your phone as well! You can shout to tell her to remind you anything from across the room.
3. The non stop music playlists from all genres and artists.
4. She can help you with your homework! Whether it’s a calculator for your impossible maths homework or just to easily find out the answers for your Biology questions.
5. Am I going to need my umbrella or sunglasses today? Just ask Alexa she can tell you the weather for any day at any time.
6. There’s an endless amount of games you can play, how good some are is questionable but if you’re bored they can easily change that.
7. Fact/question of the day is amazing, whether you use it for a laugh in the middle of the day, or to find out a little bit of extra information you’ll love it.
8. Ordering food/taxis is perfect for when you’re going out to a party and don’t have time to mess around on your phone so just ask Alexa! Or if you’re having a lazy Sunday and want a dominos just shout over to Alexa!
9. ‘Compliment me’ is funny, but also nice to hear a little compliment from Alexa every once in a while.
10. Shopping! It doesn’t matter if you need some sun cream for your holiday at the weekend or it’s your younger sisters birthday next week and all she wants is some of that slime they all want!

It’s also nice to hear someone else’s name being shouted!

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