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Your Ultimate Travel Bucket List: 10 Adventures You NEED To Go On!

Ultimate travel bucket list: One of my favourite things to do is travel. Whether, it being in the car and heading down south or catching a flight and seeing beautiful canal settings or sunny Tenerife –  you name it – I love it. And I was so super lucky at Christmas to receive this book from a friend created by Lonely Planet called ‘Ultimate Travelist’. It has the 500 best places on the planet and I mean some of the pictures make me so excited to travel in the future.

Seeing as it’s summer and so many people are travelling and enjoying the amazing weather – I decided to sit down and choose the places in the book I want to visit – so prepare yourself for my ultimate travel bucket list:

There are so many places in the book that I would definitely like to visit – for example the great barrier reef which since being a little girl has always fascinated me – I know that sounds cliché haha.

So, instead of naming over 100 places I would love to visit I have chosen the ultimate places that weren’t a maybe but a definitely.

Number 1:

Grand Canyon National Park: I love the look of this place – I mean just the way it is set out for miles-277 to be exact! I mean I literally want to sit at the top and look at everything – watching a sunset would be quite lovely too!

Number 2:

To join the list of national parks – I wouldn’t mind visiting Fiordland National park – I mean the waterfall in the book makes me just scream Instagram quality images and what an experience that would be – I mean a mixture of the worlds nature and exploration wow.

Number 3:

Omg this to me yells you have to go there – Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia- what a magnificent sight to my eyes. The picture I’m looking at is a car driving on water that looks like the sky what?!! It says that the water transforms the floor into a mirror convincing the eye that you’re travelling through the sky – I need to be there and be there now! I’m so excited writing this…

Number 4:

Jokulsarlon – is a luminous iceberg lagoon in Iceland and is so so so pretty! Just the blues and the greens of the place and the stars – maybe one day.

Number 5:

I’ve seen so many people on Instagram this summer travel to Iceland and I’m insanely jealous. One place I would adore going to would be the Blue Lagoon. It’s immensely pretty and I love the way the water looks and the steam. The teal coloured spa is definitely calling my name!

Number 6:

I’m somebody who loves to explore and see the world around me. Especially how science or religion can create such magnificent space and nature around us. I’m a strong believer that were all here for a reason and Niagara Falls shouts world creation and wonder. I adore this place even before travelling there!!

Number 7:

The bay of islands in New Zealand is more of a place I would love to go on holiday. Not somewhere I would explore. Even though I have a phobia of not knowing what’s underneath me in the sea and just the unknown – I would love to go scuba diving here!

Number 8:

I love the way the water looks at Tulum in Mexico. This is definitely another place I would visit for a holiday more than anything. The water just looks like a place that has no nasty seaweed and jelly fish however I could be wrong! Haha.

A lot of the places I picked to put into my bucket list are very much based around wilderness and nature. That’s sort of the theme within the places I would love to visit. Even though there are a few city places I would love to travel to such as NYC and Paris. I’m often in awe with natural surroundings.

Number 9:

Moraine lake in Canada is so beautiful. I think personally it is the snow capped mountains that draw me in just because my favourite season is winter. But also it’s pure beauty without there being endangered trees and wildlife. Its an inspiring place.

Number 10:

Lastly, the beautiful Archipielago de San Blas in Panama is such a beautiful Caribbean coast. It is completely white sand and clear seas for miles. I mean its holiday goals and the weather looks lush! Practically a desert island and it’s no where near anyone – so much silence.

There’s so many places I would love to visit and hopefully in my life time I will. But for now I’ll stay hopeful. Let me know any places you would love to visit in the comments.

Love, C x

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