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Want a Better Night’s Sleep?

If you’re not getting to sleep peacefully then here’s some gadgets and tips that’ll help you doze off

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning all night long so by using these items yore sure to drop off easily and wake up refreshed!


Pillows are not one-size-fits-all. If you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper, you can adjust the filling of this super-soft pillow accordingly: just add in or pull out layers from the stack of six insert. How good is this, many people like to be high when sleeping and some prefer a lower height cushion so this is perfect for everyone!!


This will Block light and help you drift off, this is also great if you are trying to nap in the day! This is the perfect addition to a night of beauty rest.


If you don’t feel like you had a very good sleep but don’t know why then this is the gadget for you! From a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle to a light – and temperature – sensor, this smart system tracks your sleep patterns and can make suggestions on how to improve your rest. But this gadget does come at a steep cost of just under £150 so it’s maybe not for everyone.

  1. Blueair Sense Filter

This machine will purify and add moisture to the air while you sleep. The gadget stops smoke and odours from disrupting your home so it will add to creating a tranquil environment on which you will feel more relaxed and probably doze off much quicker with!

  1. Black out curtains

Pretty and practical—introduce these duck egg curtains into your space to block out early morning rays and actually sleep in on the weekend. The simple colour will work well with other pastel shades and it’s a great way of adding a pop of colour into your room while still keeping it calm.

  1. Sleep ready light bulbs

This is an easy and cheap way to help you fall asleep. With the SLEEP Ready LIGHT, simulate a sunset every night with low blue light output and a soothing amber glow. Low blue light can help prevent sleep disorders, cut out the blue light and give your system a chance to create melatonin naturally!

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