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8 weird food combinations that you need to try now

When you’re alone, chances are that you have eaten some strange food combinations and we have all tried that one super-weird food combo that everyone else thinks you’re crazy for enjoying. Although these 8 food pairings sound gross, they are actually perfect for one another.

1. Popcorn and ketchup

If butter is perfectly fine on popcorn, then why can’t ketchup be. Homemade salty popcorn and a drizzle of Heinz ketchup is surprisingly delicious.

2. Nachos dipped in Nutella

Although this mix of sweet and savoury and smooth and crunchy may sound odd, it is so yummy that it will leave you taste buds wanting more.

3. Spaghetti tacos

The brilliant creation of spaghetti tacos by the character of Spencer Shay from the TV show icarly has left everyone wondering whether they taste nice and I can confirm that they defiantly do!

4. Apples and hummus

This food combo needs to replace hummus and carrots immediately and they also make a great option as party finger food.

5. M&Ms on pizza

A slice of pizza topped with a small handful of M&Ms sounds, looks and tastes mouth-watering.

6. Oreos and peanut butter

Inspired from the movie the parent trap are Oreos covered in peanut butter. After hearing Hallie and Annie discuss how tasty this combo was, people everywhere tried it and it has since become so popular that Oreos even released peanut butter flavoured Oreos.

7. Salt and Jelly

This is a sweet and salty perfection, as long as you don’t go overboard with the amount of salt you add.

8. McDonald’s fries dipped in Ice-cream

This may seem like the ‘norm’ for some people but to others this combination is super strange. This pairing works with either McDonalds milkshakes or McFlurrys.



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