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What is the government doing to prevent obesity?

Its always mentioned how people need to act and take responsibility for their own health. And while that may be true, it’s always easier when there are national programs in place to promote health for the whole population.

A few government programs that are currently active or will be operating in the future have been listed below.

Taking out 20% of sugar in products:

The food and drinks industry will be challenged to reduce sugar across a range of products that contribute to children’s sugar intakes by at least 20% by 2020’.

This plans to cover all aspects of food and drink; from restaurant and takeaway food to retailers like Tesco, to actively work towards reducing sugar contents.

Soft Drinks Tax: There is a proposed tax on soft drinks to prevent young people from consuming too much. The idea is to reinvest the extra money into obesity programmes. These sub-programmes work around reducing obesity and encouraging physical activity and balanced diets for school-age children.

Labelling Food Contents: In 2013, the UK decided to use a red-orange-green colour system for nutrition labelling. The aim of this was to make the nutritional contents easier to understand for the public, mainly children. This scheme has so far covered two-thirds of food products in the UK

Ban on Junk Food Advertising: Earlier this year, the UK’s ban on junk food advertisements came into effect. The aim was to decrease the amount of junk food brought. This was done because research has found that adverts may cause an increase in easily-led children buying and consuming junk foods.

Across the UK, the number of obese youths is increasing. And so we need to actively work towards reducing those numbers, both within ourselves and as a nation to improve the nation’s health.

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