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When did you stop running?

I was recently walking through my local park. It was a bright morning with the birds singing away, like that part in Snow White, when all of a sudden a toddler ran head-on into me with an almighty whack. As I turned around to help, the little chap was gone, running down the hill followed by his pursuing mate in a life and death game of tig.  Five minutes later, I saw a young girl running through massive puddles trying to outrun her dog.

It all got me wondering when did this all stop?  As a runner myself, I’m always asked ‘when did you start running?’. So much so that I’m debating having it printed on a t-shirt.

Was it all those messages from parents and teachers, the ‘don’t run in the corridor!’, ‘don’t run down the stairs!’, stay near, don’t run away!’ that turned many of us off from doing what comes naturally.

As the winter months draw in, let us all embrace our inner child and run for fun, run through those muddy puddles and career down the hills like we just don’t care.  And why not share the joy with others by doing a free local weekly parkrun. All welcome, all sizes, all abilities, children from 0-99.

Running’s the perfect medicine: it’s not only good for you, it’s fun, free and sociable in one. It’s a way to clear your head or to catch up with a friend. It’s an excuse to stop off for a coffee or have an incredibly long, hot shower. Anything you want.

So from me to you, tig you’re on!

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