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Where to get your vegetarian cravings satisfied in Manchester?


Some of my friends are vegetarian and have brought me to all their favourite restaurants in Manchester. So here are a few places that I highly recommend to get your vegetarian cravings fixed.

Falafel along curry mile

Along the curry mile, not too far from the famous MyLahore, there is this restaurant that just has the sign “Falafel” outside. Trust me; this place has amazing falafel – it is so good! Walk into the restaurant and straight to the cashier and order a falafel wrap. It costs roughly £3 and is so worth it!



Byron has really good burgers, and they have vegetarian options as well. Though it is a tad bit pricey ranging from £12-15 but the burgers are really worth every pound. I recommend the mushroom burger that uses portobello mushroom as a replacement for the beef patty. Also, do sign up to Unidays, they give 20% off for students at any Byron outlet.  



Pieminister claims to make the best pies in the UK, and honestly, the pies were really good. The queue is pretty long so do go early if you want to try one. They cost between £4-7, so it is relatively affordable.


V Rev Vegan Diner

This restaurant is located in the heart of Northern Quarter, and the price ranges between £7-11 for a burger. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan! I recommend Whopper Flocka Flame, a ‘beef’ burger that just blew my mind.


Do check these restaurants out if you want to get your vegetarian cravings fix in Manchester!

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