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World Laughter Day

Today is World Laughter Day. The day began in 1998 when around 12000 people joined together in Mumbai for a mega laughter session. This “Happy-demic” has continued every year since. People from across the world meet up to do laughter-style yoga exercises to spread the message of World Peace. The website even sends you a laughter pack to anywhere in the world. What a great idea!

So what actually is laughter?

According to the BBC, we can laugh up to 7 times in every 10 minutes of conversation. And the most incredible thing about laughter is how universal it is. All cultures and languages understand laughter as an emotion. Animals, particularly mammals laugh as well. Even people who are mute or suffered from a stroke can often still laugh. Babies learn to laugh before they talk, showing how it must be ingrained in us. How incredible is that; an emotion that can bring us all together.

We still don’t know everything about laughing. We know it’s not verbal and is contagious. But why do some people laugh at something and others don’t?

What we do know is laughing can make us happy and I think today we should all make the most of it!


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