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World Physical Activity Day 2018

Today is World Physical Activity Day. The day was launched in 2002 and aimed to mobilise those around the world, spreading to around 150 countries and over 60 languages. This year’s theme is centred around having ‘No barriers to Physical Activity’, reminding all of us that we can do small things to stay fit.

A 2-hour run or 60 minute HIIT session in the gym is too much for most people. I mean I know very few people who have the time for that every day. And anyway, the fear of seeing people you know whilst you’re all sweaty and red in your joggers is too much. So here are five ways to fit fitness into your daily routine.

1.     Wake up with a quick stretch. Instead of moaning for an extra 5 minutes in bed, roll out into a refreshing workout. Youtube is filled with 5-minute morning routines including stretches and exercises that get you ready for the day and take no time at all. 5 minutes extra lying in bed may sound nice but for me waking up like this actually means I’m less tired and usually means I’m not scowling at everyone I see for the first few hours of the morning.

2.     Squat whilst cleaning your teeth. This might sound a bit random but try it. It takes no extra time up and strengthens your butt, core and glutes, as well as being some good cardio.

3.     Multitask. I know binge-watching on Netflix is the highlight of the day, but it still makes you feel guilty after episode 10. So why not use this time for some extra fitness? Spend a few minutes in a wall sit or do 20 tricep dips on your sofa or bed. Even better, take part in the 100 ups challenge where you lift your knees up 100 times.

4.     Take a brisk walk. A slow stroll back from school, college or work can be a good way to finish off your day, but once or twice a week quicken this up. You’ll get home much quicker, and it’s a good workout too.

5.     Finally, become a dog walker or

newspaper deliverer. You get paid for staying fit- how great!

Just getting a few extra bits of activity can really make a difference in the long run, so join the millions of other people this World Physical Activity Day to improve your fitness too.

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